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Hanyul Lip Balm

Inspired by Korean hues, incense and touch
Natural sensual lip balm that conveys nature to your daily life

One percent
Lip balm resembling nature

Hello ~ Today is the rate of
♣ Lip balm resembling nature ♣
Have brought !!

Hanyul Lip Balm1

Introducing New Life Daily Lip Balm:: D
“Hanyul” is the first color makeup product ~
It is a design resembling nature that shows a good image of a rate!

Hanyul Lip Balm2

Too much too much to see (too much you ~)! I want to own
Lip balm! LIP BALM! Yes!
Lip Balm I want to cry 🙂

Hanyul Lip Balm3

There are five different types of lip balm!

Two are colorless!
Three are color lip balm.

Hanyul Lip Balm4

White mugwort (matte) Young mugwort (glossy) is a colorless lip balm
It is a coloring lip balm of rice seedlings!

Hanyul Lip Balm5

So beautiful ~? Lip Balm from Sorok
It seems to hold my mouth moistly wrapped.

Hanyul Lip Balm6

The colors also feature raw ingredients for each individual product
Has a matching color!

A soft and firm nighttime formula
It is soft and moist volley ~

Hanyul Lip Balm7

To show the color in more detail
I tried to color my arms ~

Now let’s dig into the charm of each product ~?

Hanyul Lip Balm8

Full of earth and nature
Born with the energy of the earth

Hanyul Lip Balm9

Hanyul Lip Balm10

Hanyul Lip Balm11

Beautiful red shining red color! “Moment” is lip balm!
She paints her lips like redheads.
It looks good on the makeup face as well as the makeup.
It is also a color that can be used for all warmton cooltones!

The more you apply, the more moist and moist.
She paints her lips.

Hanyul Lip Balm12

Yellow rice paddy
Born in the field of the marsh at sunset

Hanyul Lip Balm13

Hanyul Lip Balm14

Hanyul Lip Balm15

Beautiful pink coral color sparkling! “Rice” is lip balm!
It is a color that seems to put the glow to the lips.
It’s a color that seems to match the warmth tone too well.
It’s good to be applied daily
It is a child who will go well with students.

In a dark color
It makes your lips beautiful and moist ~

Hanyul Lip Balm16

A moist wind blows
Born in the mountains of Gangwon Province

Hanyul Lip Balm17

Hanyul Lip Balm18

Hanyul Lip Balm19

Matte colorless! It’s a white lipstick!
Those who do not like lip balm with color
Or it is a lip balm that many men find.
With a soft matte finish,
It makes you moist ~

Mountain Mountains
It is very pretty with a soft matte: D

Hanyul Lip Balm20

Spring rain at the beach of Kangwon
Born and born

Hanyul Lip Balm21

Hanyul Lip Balm22

Hanyul Lip Balm23

Glossy colorless! “Young wormwood” is lip balm!
Natural luster makes your lips look shiny
If you do not like lip balm with color
Or use a different color lipstick
If you want to add more moisturizers
Lip balm seems to be too good!

Lip color as it is
More! more! Make it look more beautiful

Hanyul Lip Balm24

At the dawn corner
Born in Yeongwol

Hanyul Lip Balm25

Hanyul Lip Balm26

Hanyul Lip Balm27

Beautiful pink glitter! “Surrey” is lip balm!
It is pink which goes well with the cooltone.
Purple pink lips with the color of light
It makes the whole look brilliant ~
Lip balm breaks the frame of warmth tone ~

The day I want to stand out
If you paint it, it will look more beautiful: ㅇ

Hanyul Lip Balm28

Hanyul Lip Balm29

Hanyul Lip Balm30

Hanyul Lip Balm31

Hanyul Lip Balm32

Depending on your mood, depending on your skin tone
You can choose from a variety of lip balm

Hanyul Lip Balm33

Hanyul Lip Balm34

According to make-up, you can choose daily
In your pocket! We recommend you to take a dip in a lip balm ~: D

Hanyul Lip Balm35

Hanyul Lip Balm36

Hanyul Lip Balm37

Hanyul Lip Balm

Hanyul skincare and cosmetics products world-wide shipping directly from Korea.

Hanyul Lip Balm38

Hanyul Lip Balm39

With the wisdom of plants and traditions found in nature in Korea and the mother’s heart that cares about her family. Hanyul has been carried on for generations, and modernized with the wisdom of nature and tradition in it. All Hanyul products are free of harmful ingredients and it can be applied to all types of skin.