A Brand of Clean Beauty Cosmetics OLIVARRIER


A Brand of Clean Beauty Cosmetics OLIVARRIER


Olivarrier products have not used commonly known harmful ingredients

as well as fragrance and harmful ingredients,

so it can be used safely for all skin including sensitive maternal skin,

delicate baby skin dry skin and oily skin



Olivarrier  is an eco-friendly cosmetic product made from

olive squalane extracted from high-grade virgin olive oil.

According to the company, olive squalane is an exquisite vegetable ingredient

that can extract only about 0.2% of 7kg of virgin olive oil.

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vegan soap-free cleansing bar

It is safe for face, body and hair that removes toxins and protects the skin barrier with a mildly acidic pH of 5.5

Olvarrier, what is different?

Making products with only good ingredients is a very demanding task. This is because it is quite challenging

to satisfy various consumer needs with limited ingredients.

So we invest most time to select ingredients

by very strits rules and to trace the origin and process of selected ingredients.

To make the right product to keep skin healthy.

Natural ingredients more than 95% EWG GREEN grade.

EWG Verified Safety Certification

German Dermatest “Excellent”

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