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Lyanature Treatment Cream by Lee Young-Ae

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Lyanature Treatment Cream 150g by Lee Young-Ae

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Lyanature Treatment Cream by Lee Young-Ae 

Lee Young-Ae’s secret of skin care is healthy cosmetics.

 Korean Botanic skincare
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Lyanature Treatment Cream is rich in vitamins A and camellia oleic acid, which are effective for skin elasticity

 Therefore helps skin elasticity, moisturizing, calming, protection, anti-pollution

Lyanature Shop

Lee Young-Ae , Twin mother

Lee Young-Ae who has sensitive skin has always

been interested in cosmetics

The Brand Name of Lyanature created by her changed the name

of actress Lee Young-Ae to open a new store in Samcheong Dong

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At Lee Young-Ae Shop in Samcheong Dong ,

Where the feeling of tradition is alive.

If you are worried about cosmetics, you might want to take a look around

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All products are thoroughly test for safety by examining

hazardous components of accredited institutions

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There is no chemical preservative, and Lyanature Treatment Cream by Lee Young-Ae is a product

that contains pure and pure gestation

Lyanature Treatment cream is a weakly acidic cream with no synthetic coloring.

Because of 100% pure raw materials. It is a brand that also can be used with confidence even for pregnant women, infants and also sensitive skins

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Skin type

Lynature Treatment Cream for all skin type.
It is especially good for pregnant women and also teenagers whose skin changes suddenly.

Main use

It is a body nutrition cream that helps skin elasticity, skin soothing, and skin protection.
Period of use : Please use within 12 months after opening.

<Frequently Asked Questions> 

Q1. What is the difference between body and treatment creams?

A1. Body cream is also recommend for people need skin moisturizing intensively. If you intensively care for rough areas, you can feel the moist skin texture.

Treatment Cream is therefore recommend for people who want moisturizing and elasticity care. Thighs, abdomen and sudden skin changes that require skin elasticity, please treat it with a treatment cream. In addition to skin elasticity, you can feel moisturizing even on a smooth, smooth skin.