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Lyanature Creme All 50g by Lee Young-Ae

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Lyanature Creme All 50g by Lee Young-Ae

This 4-in-one intensive moisturizing cream restores skin’s resilience

This is an intensive moisturizing cream that has all four functions of a toner, lotion, essence, and hydration. Omega 3 fatty acid in sea mustard(Undaria pinnatifida) and other contents keep the moisture barrier moist. Polyphenol, vitamin C, and tannin contents rejuvenate and restore the elasticity of skin.

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Lyanature Creme All 50g by Lee Young-Ae Product Description

Powerful moisturizing cream for skin elasticity and barrier improvement

Tocopherols and tannins in cream ointments stimulate skin elasticity, while phytosterols, omega-3,6 and ginsenosides calm the skin.

Oleic acid of coconut-derived moisturizing agent and camellia seed oil forms a thin film on skin texture and moisturizes the skin.

(Best use with Morning mist)

The skin irritation response is ZERO.

Please feel moist skin all day with only one cream.
· It is rich in plant nutrients, brightens and brightens the skin and moisturizes the skin.
· Camellia seed oil, tocopherol and oleic acid protects skin and improves elasticity. Rosehip oil, sea bream and ice plant
Beta-carotene restores vitality.
· Ginsenosides from red ginseng and vitamin C and niacin extracted from kimchi improve the skin clearly.

Skin, Lotion, Essence, Moisturizing Cream All you need is a cream containing all four functions.
Do not use a lot of cosmetics. Reduce skin stress by minimizing the skin care stage to one ‘cream’.

How to use

Lyanature Creme All is a highly concentrated moisturizing cream used by blending with water.
Please use the concentration according to the skin condition of the day. With only one cream, you can nurture your skin’s strength.

Morning and evening, you can use it as a cream, you can look beautiful in a while.

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The more cream mist you spray (the more water you have), the closer to the skin formulation.

lyanature creme all by lee young ae 2

After cleansing, apply Morning mist, blend Creme All with proper amount on wet face.

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Lee Young-Ae Skin Care Routine

Lee Young Ae Pure Botanic Skincare

All products are 100% botanical and free of preservatives* and chemicals**, freshly sourced from original brand of Lee Young Ae Korea.

This is to protect children’s skin and to help make mother’s skin more beautiful.

* All ingredients used are plant-derived
** Synthetic ingredients according to ICID(International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary)

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