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Lyanature Cream and Lotion 150ml by Lee Young-Ae

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Lyanature Cream and Lotion 150ml by Lee Young-Ae

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Lyanature Cream and Lotion 150ml by Lee Young-Ae

Weakly acidic all-in-one cream that protects and

healthens skin Contains glycogen, proven effective through clinical tests

and cell tests to help protect and moisturize skin.

Protect your child’s skin, which is easily stimulated by external exposure (or environment),

with cream and lotion.

Corn, and coconut, the moisturizing power of vegetable oil is added to moisturize the skin.

Protects your skin from itching caused by dryness and helps maintain healthy skin pH with a weak acid formula.
A gentle, creamy texture that closely fits your child’s skin.
※ The above contents are limited to raw material characteristics.

Cream and lotion with 

100% vegetable * is for all skin types.

Lee YoungAe Cream & Lotion

White, weakly acidic cream
cream and lotion, which is a good feeling, did not use synthetic coloring.

The color of the cream is a natural color made from raw materials and extracts.
Creams and lotions are not artificially scented,

but you may feel the unique fragrance.


<How to use>
Apply a proper amount of cream and lotion to the palm of your hand. Mix with morning mist or massage.

Or apply a small amount of morning mist to the skin and apply cream and lotion.

If you use it by adjusting the water amount appropriately,

you can see the effect of lotion and moisture moisturizing cream.


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