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Lyanature Body Cream by Lee Young-Ae

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Lyanature Body Cream 150g by Lee Young-Ae

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 Lyanature Body Cream by Lee Young-Ae

Skin moisturizing, soothing, protection, anti-pollution, body nutrition cream that helps elasticity

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Lyanature Body cream by Lee Young-Ae made from 100% vegetable  is for all skin types.

Polyphenol of aloe and broccoli, flavonoid of citrus, phenolic acid of camellia flower protects skin from external harmful substances (soot, heavy metals, etc.) and helps moisturize, calm and resilience

lyanature body cream by lee young ae

Sunflower seed oil and cottonseed oil, the vegetable seed oils,

form a moist moisturizer without drying and drying skin.

Keep your knees and heels moist and dry.

After absorption, smooth skin and moisture retention is maintained.

The antioxidant properties of polyphenols,

flavonoids and phenolic acids are due to various

external environments (fine dust, dryness, soot, heavy metals, etc.)

It cleanses easily tired and stressed skin,

cleanses skin tone and makes it healthy and firm. 
Weak acid formula similar to skin pH maintains skin health

and protects skin from various external environments

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<How to use>

1. Take a proper amount of body cream to the palm of your hand or massage it with Morning mist. 
2. Spray evenly a small amount of mist on your skin and apply body cream. If you use the moisture content properly, you can see the effect of lotion and moisture moisturizing cream. 
※ If you do not use antifoaming agent (silicone oil, etc.), you may get cloudy appearance. Please pat it lightly. 
※ Depending on usage and how to use, the degree of moisturizing is different.

<Lyanature cosmetics storage method and notes>

All Lee Young-Ae cosmetics are made of 100% vegetable * and have a unique and unique system that is unique to Lee Yong-Ae cosmetics. 
It can be sensitive to large temperature changes compared to ordinary cosmetics. Store it in a place where it can not be exposed to direct sunlight or cool place. 
When stored in a place subject to severe temperature changes, products may be separated from the formulation.


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