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Lee Young-Ae Grain Klenzer


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Lee Young-Ae Grain Klenzer

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Lee Young-Ae Grain Klenzer

A fresh grain cleanser that cleanses the skin clean and healthy

Coconut and camellia seed oil are derived from a dense and rich foam of cleansing ingredients to cleanse the cosmetic residue (BB, sunscreen) and waste materials smoothly and cleanly,
The vitamins, minerals and oleic acid of the raw grains make your skin moist and vital.
Because it is in the form of granules with abundant foam, small amount of cleansing is sufficient, and it is also convenient for traveling and easy to carry.

Tips for using skin type

Skin type Biological grain Cleanser type and acidity characteristic
Oily – complexity pH 9-10 (alkaline) Suitable for skin with active sebaceous glands, and feels fresh after cleansing.
Neutral – Dry pH 7-8 (Neutral) Suitable for normal skin, moist and soft after cleansing.
Extremely dry – Sensitive pH 5-6 (slightly acidic) Suitable for dry or sensitive skin, soft and slightly oily after cleansing.

BB cream, sun cream, make-up remnants, wastes can be washed clean.
1 Place a small grain of cereal cleanser on the palm of your hand and bubble with both hands.
2 You can carry it easily when you go out.
3 Yellow or black particles, but please use with confidence because it is good grain nutrition for skin nutrition.

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Tip 1. Try it with your pore brush.
1 Take a proper amount of fresh grain cleanser into a bubble ball. (Or use it on the palm of your hand.)
2 If you rub the water with a pore brush soaked in water, a soft and rich foam is created.
3 Massage with gently rolling with a brush with pore brush.
4 Cleanse pores meticulously, then rinse with water.

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Tip 2. Please use it with the Shavers brush.
1 Put a proper amount of fresh grain cleanser in the bubble ball.
2 Make an abundant foam with a brush dipped in water.
3 Apply with a bubbled brush while gently rolling on your face.
4 After shaving, rinse with water.

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Tip 3. For moisturizing and nutrition, if you use 1 to 2 drops of oil plus in a grain cleanser, you will get a more moist feeling after cleansing.

A healthy 100% botanical ingredient ** with no preservatives and chemical ingredients * suspected of causing skin irritation **, Organic grains are also used strictly chemical and residual pesticide *** inspection.

Olive, coconut and camellia oil derived plant cleansing ingredients
· The dense foam of cleansing ingredients derived from vegetable oils removes waste from the pores.
· Adjust the pH by the ratio of the cleaning ingredients derived from the three vegetable oils.
12 kinds of raw grains (glutinous rice, brown rice, brown rice, germinated brown rice, germinated brown rice, pickle rice, chrysanthemum rice, corn rice, chrysanthemum rice, white rice,
· Twelve fine grains help to make your skin smooth and gentle by cleansing your skin.
Purified water
· Combine vegetable cleaning ingredients into powder (granular) granules.
Coconut-derived moisturizer
· Helps moisturize by keeping moisture in skin.
Olive oil
· Forms an oil film to help skin moisturize.
Highly concentrated red ginseng extract
· Ginsenoside (saponin) improves skin elasticity and helps to clear skin.
Kandea tree extract
· It is effective for the brightening of the skin and helps to clear the skin.
Vegetable incense
· Geranium scent, a natural essential oil, adds to the delicacy and luxury.

Lee Young-Ae Skin Care Routine

Lee Young Ae Pure Botanic Skincare

All products are 100% botanical and free of preservatives* and chemicals**, freshly sourced from original brand of Lee Young Ae Korea.

This is to protect children’s skin and to help make mother’s skin more beautiful.

* All ingredients used are plant-derived
** Synthetic ingredients according to ICID(International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary)

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