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JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream

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JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream

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JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream 1

A water like finishing as creamy spring water, essential Cream

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream 2

Skin will get dry easily in cold weather.

Makeup is important, but the most important thing is base makeup.

Here are 7 skin care products by Jung Saem Mool that will relieve your worries.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream 3

If you found your makeup is not long lasting, it is because of your dry skin.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream with a similar structure to the essential fatty acids. It contains lecithin and squalane moisturizing. It is a product that includes all nutrition required.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream 4

Whitening + wrinkle improvement Dual functionality !

To increase the absorption in the skin was pearl extract, fermented (Hydrolyzed Pearl)

In addition, iris, jasmine, lily, edelweiss, rose, freesia, narcissus from eight kinds of white flower is complex extracted brightening effect on the skin ~~ up! ! You need skin care before makeup ~

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream 5

When pumping, it rinse like milky water, it is a glamorous temptation to finish with cream !

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream 6

Spread only as a drop keep your skin moisture that last for a day.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream 7

It is good news for those who regularly apply cream before makeup, because it newly comes with a 50ml bottle.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Toner

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Toner 1

Skincare has to be step by step. Essential Mool Toner helps to repeat the step of skin absorption. This is a basic step too.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Toner 2

Use cotton pad to tap 2-3 times. It is important to tap and absorb into the skin, not by the palm of your hand for sure moisture . ^.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Toner 3

Especially during the evening washing up, so the remaining water can be left. Just to clean the toner layer.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Toner
whitening + wrinkle improvement dual functionality

Eight kinds of white flowers and complex fermentation pearl extracts.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Toner 4

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Essence

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Essence 1

Moist Moist Moist!

This time, it also make your skin smooth!

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Essence 2

It is a high-gloss glaze essence that makes it become a radiant skin optimized for make-up by keeping fine and smooth skin texture at the moment when it is applied with the essence of high-quality texture containing liquid crystal . Whitening + wrinkle improvement Double functional product! Water, cream and water as the toner fermented extract of pearl moisturizing effect and brightening effects of White Flower Complex grafted moist but products that look bright, bright complexion.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Essence 3

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Oil

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Oil 1

The following is a pure water essential oil ~! Water oil is composed of 98.9% of natural derived oil ~!

Good moisturizing and nutritious to the skin to give the best ~ ~!

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Oil 2

It is a highly concentrated oil with little stickiness even though the name of the water oil is so good. ^ ㅡ ^ The texture that is full of nutrients confines the moisture, and it is the finishing oil which makes the skin moistening film at the last step of skin care ~!

For extreme dry skin, you can mix it with Mool cream to moisturize the finish, and if you mix it with base makeup products, you can make moist skin ~!

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Oil 3

It can be used for body as well as face for light feeling ~! In addition to the usual tips to use as a skin care last step or as a pre-sleeping oil.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Essence 4

1. Apply face oil to your face and massage it gently as you scrub it with your hand.

2. Wipe your face lightly with a sponge soaked in warm water to eliminate the keratin that has not yet been removed from the oil. The warm sponges remove the keratin gently more gently, and the warmer the temperature,

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Star Eye Cream


Essential Star Eye Cream is a Daily Eye Cream that gives a fine pearl protein for a bright and firm eye.

Usually, eye cream is highly nutritious cream, so if you apply before make-up


Wrinkle improvement is most important for eyes!

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Intensive Cream

JUNGSAEMMOOL Intensive Care Cream 1

The last product is Essential intensive cream, good news for people who are dry inside!

Intensive cream is an ointment moisturizing cream formulations, the formation on the skin surface with a vitamin B derivative to supply and retain moisture , and there is soothing and relief effect.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Mool Cream


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