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Perfect makeup starts with the perfect cream

Rosy-Satin Cream for skin that’s well-moisturized and feels as soft as a rose petal



The skin you dream of. A skin that is supple outside and dewy inside just like a rose petal


A cream developed by the inspiration of the definition of “Rosy-Satin skin” defined by global make-up artist

Isabelle Pain, a global makeup artist, defines a good skin as the one with a supple outside and dewy inside. We named this skin condition ‘rosy-satin skin,’ and found the method to realize it with a even and healthy skin texture.

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Soft texture like mousse cake and delicate rose scent to relax the tired skin of busy modern women

It delivers moisture in a very effective and quick way and also, wraps the skin surface for a silky finish. Its delicate, rose scent stays around the surface of the skin and gives a feeling of relaxing.

Hera Rosy Satin Cream

Rosy Satin Skin : Hera ‘s new stardard of beautiful skin

Suggests that ‘skin moist and inside is like a rose petal

is the otimal skin that goes beyond good skin and shines up to makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 16.09.30

Jeon Ji-hyun, who competes with the skin

I always thought that when i touched the surface of the rose petal skin as if the inside water was faded, i would always think about my skin.

The reason is that when the petals are enlarged, they are tightly bent in a three-

It is said to be able to have a moist touch inside.

Because the skin texture of a person is three-dimensional structure,

the more dense and uniform the skin texture,

the more elastic and moist skin can be made.

It is easy to say that skin care is like a rose petal and it is a secret of moist skin!

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 16.17.45

It was so smooth and moist from the fundamental skin texture,

and the skin expression was even more beautiful when i made the make-up.

Because it is good enough to make up with rosy-satin cream alone,

i do not need a primer or make up base.

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All gifts are subject to availability and may be replaced with other alternative products.


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