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Hanyul Yuja Oil Toner

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Hanyul Yuja Oil Toner 200ml

Citron peel oil and natural fermented Yuza soot ™ are packed in a bottle, and the
strong moisture and skin energy is added to the skin to
relieve dryness and fatigue.

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Hanyul Yuja Oil Toner



If you look at this bottle is divided into two layers.

The Yellow color seen on the top is citron peel oil

The pale yellow color below is the natural fermented Yuzajo

Similar to the ratio of water in our skin

3:7 The golden ratio

It is very easy to use


When you use Hanyul Yujz Oil Toner , you shake it

You’ve got two layers to blend well

You can use it in your makeup cotton or in your hand


It is like a watery essence


Because the toner contains citron oil

It gives the skin a gentle shine!

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