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AROMATICA LIVELY Vege Cleanse Sleeping Mask​

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AROMATICA LIVELY Vege Cleanse Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask for dry and sensitive skin

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AROMATICA LIVELY Vege Cleanse Sleeping Mask


A sleeping mask that replenishes skin cleansing and vibrancy while sleeping on the Green-tox complex, which helps to release skin wastes such as kale, celery, parsley, and spinach.

Lively was born by following the strict standards of AROMATICA to use natural and safe active ingredients!


With the strict curation of safe ingredients by AROMATICA, Lively brings you excellent efficacious products.

It is a sleeping mask with green components such as kale, celery, parsley, and spinach that rejuvenates the skin, by calming and purifying the stress and waste accumulated on the skin.

Experience amazing skin changes with Lively. 


Is your skin dry and dull no matter how much you take care of it in the morning and evening?!

Skin exposed to various factors during the day such as UV rays, sweat, dryness, and sebum, so it needs recovery during the night.

The night when skin function becomes active is called ‘golden time’ of skin care!


AROMATICA LIVELY Vege Cleanse Sleeping Mask

Restore skin moisture and gain flawless skin with nighttime skin care and with 6 hours or more of sleep.


As the nutrients are quickly absorbed during sleep, make sure to check it is a hypoallergenic and safe product that excludes harmful ingredients such as synthetic pigment, preservative, and fragrance!