One of the main secrets of the beauty of Korean women is the double passage of facial cleansing. The double cleansing is a ritual that, if performed with the right products, the right technique, and with constancy, it will bring surprising results. Let’s unveil how it is performed in the korean routine and what are the best products.

Based on the experience accumulated over the years, I have decided to answer the most frequent questions, to give a clear picture and to satisfy all the curiosities about double cleansing. This is the step 1 and step 2 of the famous korean routine, the sequence of skincare steps that Korean cosmetics has successfully exported all over the world, revolutionizing the way to take care of the skin on the face. Double cleaning has become a must for those who want a radiant face.

What exactly does the double facial cleaning consist of?

It is a matter of using two cleansers in a precise sequence, both in the evening and in the morning: the first is an oil based cleansing, essentially a phase of removing makeup and all the impurities based on fat, such as smog and, in fact, the make up. The second is a water based cleaning that refines the previous step and removes dead cells, dust, impurities and all that is dry based.

How do I perform double cleansing?

In the korean routine, for the first oil based cleansing step, a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm is used. Dry face and dry hands: give a small amount of product and start gently massaging the face, insisting on the T area and the most make-up parts of the face. The balms melt in contact with the heat of the hands and face and form a milky liquid that removes all the dirt in a very pleasant way.
Avoid wipes, cotton pads and subsequent pieces, they are still abrasive, and will never be as delicate as the touch of your hands. In addition, Korean cosmetics are so effective that there is no need to rub: the makeup magically melts when in contact with oil.

Lately Korean cosmetics are starting to offer cleansing water , super delicate liquid cleansing products to be used especially for the eyes. Recall the micellar water to which we are accustomed in the West, but do not contain micelles and it is cleansing products that have a strong moisturizing power.

Continuing in the beauty routine, after rinsing the face with cold or at best lukewarm water, the second water based cleansing step is performed with a cleansing cream, gel or mousse. Korean women love the comfort of mousses, delicate and soft spume that pass on the face eliminating the residues of the previous step and finishing the cleaning.

Why do double cleansing even in the morning?

This is a super popular question, and super sensible!
During the night the skin regenerates and expels all the toxins and dead cells. Rinse your face with water is not enough to eliminate all these debris, so the passage of water-based cleaning is unavoidable.  For example, oily skin will benefit a lot from this passage even in the morning to remove excess sebum. In addition, if the night routine has been very rich, with a nice sleeping mask to flesh out and nourish, the removal with a quick oil-based transition helps to better clean the skin. Dry or very sensitive skin can skip this step in the morning.

Why is it important to double clean constantly?

To cleanse your face deeply both in the morning and in the evening, to avoid going to bed wearing make-up, using delicate products that do not attack the hydrolipidic barrier are all fundamental to keep your face young and bright. Constantly removing the dirt that causes the pore to clog, is essential to limit the occurrence of pimples and blackheads and keep clean even the fatter skin, which tends to produce more sebum.
Double cleaning is the fundamental basis for preparing the skin to receive the active ingredients of the following steps such as essences, serums and moisturizers. Having a clean face makes moisturizers much more performing.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Double cleansing brings great benefits to all skin types. The cleaning products are very transversal, addressed to all types of skin, especially regarding cleansing oil. Here it is important to say, to those with oily skin, that oily cleaners are the most suitable to remove the sebum and that the sensation of skin pulling – always to be avoided – is only synonymous with aggression to the hydrolipidic barrier, and not of cleaner skin. Even mature skin benefits particularly from the passage of oily cleansing, because the cleansing oil and cleansing balm add fat to this type of skin, which is more plumped and nourished as well as clean.

What are the winning combinations?

There are many Korean cosmetics proposals to perform the double cleaning step because this step is fundamental in the korean routine, let’s see them together:





This unique cleansing oil lifts away impurities and makeup as it pampers and softens the skin

A botanical enzyme cleanses the dead skin cells and dead skin cells from the pores and cleanses the skin into a clear and healthy skin.


VELY VELY Good Morning Cleanser

Vely-Vely-Sweet-Rice-Cake-Deep-Cleanser 1

VELY VELY Good Morning Cleanser
This cleanser removes skin dirt and impurities while keeping your face moisturized with the proper pH balance.

This Sweet Rice Cake bubble foam cleanser effectively removes waste, leaving you with a clean, glowing complexion.