JUNGSAEMMOOL Launches Minifying Skin Care

JUNGSAEMMOOL Minifying Skin Care

JUNGSAEMMOOL Launches Minifying Skin Care


JUNG SAEM MOOL, a beauty brand of Famous Makeup Artist Jung Saem Mool ,

 will show three kinds of water calming line ‘Minifying’ that completes clear and transparent skin with mild moisture.

Minifying Skin Care is a compound word of Minimalism and Purifying.

It is not a thing to remove unnecessary things from ‘Minimalism’ but re-interprets it as ‘filling up what is necessary’ to remove unnecessary steps and ingredients from skin that is tired and sensitive.

Released a concept that contains only mild ingredients.

The power of mild moisture that smoothes skin.

French Bud. It is the rosaceous bud that is only harvested once a year in May

in the Auvergne region of France. we have embraced its vitality just

before it blooms within 24 Hours and its refreshing moisture gently smoothes skin.

Jung Saem Mool  Minifying line consists of three parts: ‘Minifying Boosting Toner’, ‘Minifying VC Ampoule’

and ‘Minifying Water Wrap Cream’.

All products have been tested for skin irritation and can be safely used on sensitive skin with EWG ALL Green grade ingredients.

‘Minifying Boosting Toner’ is a mild toner with a low-irritant and acid-fast formula that is comfortable to the skin.

It balances the water content and increases the moisture absorption of the next step as well as the skin texture.

‘Minifying VC Ampoule’ contains Vitamin C Pink Capsule that keeps the skin clear and transparent.

It gives clear and transparent skin to the skin, and gives moisture and elasticity to the skin.

‘Minifying Water Wrap Cream’ is a hydrating film that moisturizes the skin and moisturizes the skin.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Minifying Skin Care

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