Amore Pacific Ice Beauty Skin Care

Amore Pacific Ice Beauty Skin Care

Amore Pacific Ice Beauty Skin Care

AMOREPACIFIC Group announce that it will launch Ice Beauty skin care product, a new concept cosmetics that will be frozen ahead of summer, in coming June.

Ice Beauty Skin Care is a product developed to quickly solve problems such as dry skin, skin elasticity and excessive sebum secretion in summer. A total of eight products will be released from eight brands of AMOREPACIFIC Group, including frozen toner, sleeping packs, and ice sticks.

Ice Beauty Skin Care lowers the freezing point of the formulation and is free from freezing at -15 ° C to -20 ° C freezing, and keeps the formulations that are good for skin. In particular, frozen ice beauty skin care lowers the heat on the skin in a short period of time, so it does not damage the skin and solves problems caused by heat.

Ice Beauty Skin Care is designed to be free from temporary defrosting, and it is recommended to keep frozen if possible, but there is no problem moving the product to room temperature.

The ice beauty skin care products launch include ‘LANEIGE Water Bank Sorbet Cream’, ‘MAMONDE 24H Ice Rose Water Toner’, ‘Sleeping Moon Light Sleeping Pack’, ‘IOPE Dema Repair Ice Cica Cream’, ‘ Melissa Ice-Stick, “,” INNISFREE Jeju Lava Seawater Cream Mask, “and” Etude Freezing Aloe Soothing Gel. “You can choose the type of skin care you want.

‘Laneige Water Bank Sorbet Cream’ is a sherbet cream that carefully cures summer skin that has been cooled down by low-calorie particles. ‘Mamonde 24H Ice Rose Water Toner’ is an ice toner product that gives a whitening moisturizing effect with a hot summer toner.

The ‘Hanyul Sleep Sleeping Pack with Moonlight Citron’ reduces skin temperature by -4.5 degrees with Yuzu Sorbet Cooling Formulation ™. ‘IOPE Dema Repair Ice Cica Cream’ is a frozen cica cream product  calms damage skin in summer to be.

In addition, ‘Easy Peasy Water Melon Ice-Stick’ which is a frozen watermelon stick, ‘Masks freezing as it is effective’, ‘Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Cream Mask’ All-in-one supple watering gel ‘Etude freezing aloe soothing gel’ will be released.

“Ice Beauty is a new concept skin care that is used by freezing. It contains a core formulation technology that does not freeze even at temperatures below -15 ℃,”



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