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Korean products have been popular all over the world, especially in South-East Asia, its generally available in supermarket, chained store and online shops. We strongly believe girls who really know the trend may not be satisfied by “Just Common” kind of products, not to mention those may-be imitation stuff too.

We guarantee 100% authentic product directly sourced from original brands.

In Korea, fashion and cosmetics market are extremely fast-pace. Most fashion brands even adopt a zero-inventory strategy, i.e. mostly made to order. Thus products are freshly acquired upon your order confirmation. What you buy from us will be freshly new, authentic and hygienic.

With office and warehouse in Hong Kong and Korea, we have been shipping latest Korean products to United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom since we started in 2013. With our recent growth in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, we partnered with local Malaysia Payment Gateway and Logistics companies in mid 2016, so that to provide a more intimate service for customers in these area.

We sincerely hope you love our product offerings and services.